Today my egg has been hatched. I’ve sat on it for way too long.

For longer than I care to remember, I’ve told myself to start writing. To start sharing my thoughts, experiences, opinions and tips via a blog. I’ve shared things through Facebook and Twitter for years now, but when I want to go back and look up something I posted, I just can’t find it anymore without spending a lot of time searching. It seems like a waste of time when you put something out there and you can’t dig it back up again whenever you want to. So today I decided to start this blog, after sitting on the idea for ‘ages’. This way I would also be able to find back something I posted with much more ease.

What else brought on this ‘sudden’ decision? A Facebook friend of mine (Jayanti) posted a video on her wall today. A 30 minute video in which the British actor, writer and comedian Stephen Fry was being interviewed. Not so much about his work, but about lessons in life. About what he wished he knew when he was 18. I found his words and thoughts to be fascinating and very interesting. The video was also linked from the Open Culture website.

You know how people can tell you something over and over and it just doesn’t seem to sink in? And then someone says the same exact thing and all of a sudden it just hits you? I guess I had one of those moments when I was watching this video on YouTube today.

So here it is. The beginning of my ‘something new’. Something I have put off for way too long. It’s also the end of something else. The end of wanting it to be perfect before I embark on a new thing. The end of procrastinating (well at least when it comes to writing).

A shout out goes to Lisa Rouissi, who has always believed that I should do this and could do this. A big smile appears on my face when I think of her motivating words: “Unleash the blogger within you!”

So what if it’s not perfect? If you never start, there’s nothing to perfect anyway.