I’ve noticed I go through phases with music. In different periods of my life, I got acquainted with different genres of music. Most of the time I get introduced to a genre by different people who walk in to my life for a period of time. Being able to enjoy a “new”  genre, and develop an appreciation for it, is something that I consider to be a very welcome enrichment.

Lately I’ve learned to appreciate country music. Strangely enough, country music cannot be linked to anyone I know. I guess it just walked into my life  all by itself and introduced itself to me. Well, howdy!

Once in a while you hear a song that gets stuck in your mind.. The song “If I die young” by The Band Perry is exactly that type of song for me. This song was released in October of 2010, but I only discovered it recently  while I was watching the Hollywood week of the American Idol 2013 show, when 4 girls formed a group called “The Dramatics” (for the occasion of Hollywood week) and sung their rendition of this song. I immediately wanted to find out who sang the original song! So I did some minor research and discovered The Band Perry with its lead vocalist: Kimberly Perry.

This song is a fine example of how beautiful country music really can be. I simply love the melody and the lyrics. It sounds so pure. Every time I listen to it, I notice another beautiful part of it. Kimberly’s sweet voice, the way the violin plays, the meaning of the words.. I love it. Especially the phrase: “funny when you’re dead how people start listening” struck a chord with me (no pun intended), as it is a sentiment I think many of us might agree with.

Watch, listen and judge for yourself, as I put the song on repeat for the umpteenth time..