Photo credits: George Burns/Harpo Inc.
Photo credits: George Burns/Harpo Inc.

Oprah Winfrey has been one of the people who had a big influence on my life and to whom I attribute some of my development as a person. When I was going through some rough times in my life, she was ‘there’ with her Oprah Winfrey show, teaching, preaching and sharing wisdom that helped me deal with things in a different way than I was accustomed to. She taught me how to approach things from a different perspective, to be more empathic, to grow and to look beyond insignificant things and to look within myself.

If there’s one person in this world that I would really love to meet and sit down to have a heart to hear with; it would be Oprah. I would tell her how much she has meant to me and how fortunate I’ve been to be able to learn from her.

Oprah was reviewing her list of inspirational people with whom she would love to sit down and talk about the meaning of life for her Super Soul Sunday interviews on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), when the name of her next guest popped into her mind: Deepak Chopra!  To make this already very interesting interview even more exiting, Oprah figured there was no better place to interview him in than in his native country; India. It was also her very first visit to this mystical country. A country she had dreamed of visiting years before it actually happened. So these two spiritual giants sat down for an deep and meaningful interview in 2012.

Even though this interview dates from 2012, I only stumbled upon it last week, early one morning while I was getting ready for work. As I was busy in the kitchen doing the dishes and doing what I normally do before I leave home to go to work, I watched (and mostly listened) to the interview of these two inspiring souls. A feeling of peacefulness came over me and it made me feel happy and very inspired. I knew I had to share this interview with all of you whom have not yet had the opportunity to see this.

Deepak Chopra is not only a best selling writer and doctor, but also a very inspirational speaker. They talked about life, meditation, love, and many more interesting subjects. Deepak Chopra radiates calmness and positivity, and listening to him speak somehow transfers those qualities to me when I listen to him. As many – who know me – already know about me, I love (wisdom) quotes and I heard quite a few in the interview between Oprah and Deepak Chopra. This one for example:

Oprah: “And what is the secret to living a happy life?”
Deepak: “The secret to a happy life is to recognize that no matter what the situation, there’s a creative opportunity in it. Also, finding meaning and purpose in your life to make a contribution. And ultimately the secret is to make other people happy.”

Click on the link below to watch for yourself and enjoy.
Oprah and Deepak Chopra in India (video)