People who know me, will know that I’ve always loved (the late and greatLuther Vandross. His silky, seductive voice was so unique and mesmerizing, I could just listen to it for hours without end. Luther had so many hits during his career and the song “Dance with my father” was one of his latest, which was released on June 10, 2003 and dedicated to Luther’s late dad. Two of my all time favorite Luther songs are: “So amazing“, “If only for one night”.

Unfortunately Luther suffered a stroke in 2003, which he never fully recovered from. I was deeply saddened when I learned he passed away at the early age of 54 in 2005. His funeral was visited by many celebraties and fellow artists. All who paid their respects to his amazing talent by honoring and remembering him in song. I especially appreciated the song Amazing Grace performed by Aretha Franklin at his funeral. Although there are many beautiful voices in the world, there will never be another Luther. I’m very thankful he blessed us with his legacy of wonderful songs, so we can continue to enjoy his magic. Thank you, Luther.

Having ‘said‘ all that; a couple of days ago I came across a YouTube video of a 14 year old boy from the Philippines, by the name of: Aldrich Lloyd “LA” Talonding, who sang a cover of Luther’s song “Dance with my father“, while being accompanied beautifully on acoustic guitar by his cousin James Walter Bucong . The video was uploaded on April 21st, 2013 and by now the video has gone viral. Which really is not a big surprise, when you hear this young man’s breathtaking voice and soulful interpretation of the song. I watched the video and listened in awe, when I heard this angelic voice, singing the classic Luther song with such pure emotion. I instantly knew this boy is a STAR! Truly God has blessed him with a voice that has yet to be discovered and touch a larger audience!

After looking up some information on the internet, I discovered that Ellen Degeneres (whom I LOVE!) saw the same video on YouTube and publicly invited the young man to come to her show to sing for her and all her friends!

Ellen (who’s show is immensely popular all over the world) so far has been responsible for starting the career of another young Philippino singer: Charice Pempengco.

So this just goes to show you how exciting this news must be to the young talent! He gets a chance at world wide recognition by appearing on the Ellen show. And hopefully he will be able to get in touch with all the right people to help him with his career.

The Philippino YouTube sensation Zendee, who appeared on the Ellen show in 2012, helped the producers of the Ellen show get in touch with Aldrich Lloyd “LA” Talonding and his cousin James Walter Bucong. So hopefully we will see Aldrich Lloyd “LA” Talonding in Los Angeles very soon. I for one am definitely praying for you! 🙂

If you want to follow Aldrich’s updates, visit his fanpage on Facebook: He used to have a Twitter account, on which I tweeted him to show my appreciation for his voice a couple of days ago, but it has now been suspended. In his response, he mentioned the word “po” which is is Tagalog, and is a sign of politeness.

A tweet I sent out to Aldrich Lloyd "LA" Talonding to let him know how much I loved his voice and video.
A tweet I sent out to Aldrich Lloyd “LA” Talonding

He currently has a new Twitter account. You can reach him at: Let’s get him some more followers!

Aldrich Lloyd “LA” Talonding's new Twitter account
Aldrich Lloyd “LA” Talonding’s new Twitter account

I wonder how many other undiscovered wonderful talents the Philippines have? To be continued..