Argentinian grill restaurant Santos is located at an excellent place near The Hague’s beach resort Scheveningen in The Hague. It’s on the border of the big square in front of the majestic Kurhaus hotel. Santos is one of the restaurants that stands out from the rest, because it’s conveniently close to the HTM (The Hague public transport) bus and tram stops. You only have to cross the road and you’re there. There are also two large car parks within walking distance, for those traveling by car. On the outside, the restaurant has a large terrace with a perfect view of the Kurhaus and the water fountain, which makes it a good spot to relax on a warm summer evening, with a cold drink, after work or in the weekends.

Argentinian restaurant Santos
Chalkboard wall inside Argentinian restaurant Santos (photo credit: Santos website)

On the inside the restaurant looks fantastic. The interior decorator did a nice job in creating a warm atmosphere and a modern and classy look. The thing I enjoyed seeing the most, was the big chalkboard on the wall at the back of the restaurant, with a large drawing of a cow in (what looks like) white chalk. If you are seated in the back of the restaurant, you also have a great view of the cooks preparing the steaks on the grill.

This restaurant is an excellent choice if you are a carnivore (and if you enjoy eating steaks) but fish eaters will also enjoy a good meal here, as you will find things like: salmon, king prawns, calamares and tuna steak on the menu too. When I visited Santos last time, I enjoyed a tasty pepper steak dinner with provencal fried potatoes and it was really very good. I also had a taste of my very first caipirinha, since they also sell some cocktails (and wines, beers, etc.)

For the quality and amount of food you get, the price of dinner is really reasonable. It will not cost you an arm and a leg, and when you’re finished, you will most likely feel very satisfied, as I did. I will definitely go back again and I can recommend the restaurant to you too. So if you’re in the neighbourhood and you’re looking for a nice (steak) restaurant, give Santos a try. The address is: Gevers Deynootplein 120 in Scheveningen (The Hague) in The Netherlands. And don’t forget to let me know how it was. 🙂


The Kurhaus & restaurant Santos by night (photo credit: website Santos)
The Kurhaus & restaurant Santos by night (photo credit: website Santos)