Anouk Eurovision Song Contest 2013
Anouk @ Eurovision Song Contest 2013

At 9pm CEST (Central European Summer Time) the Eurovision Song Contest will be broadcast live  on TV throughout Europe, from Malmö (in Sweden). If you don’t live in Europe, you can also watch it via livestream on the internet.

The contest originated in 1956 as a means for countries to compete for Europe’s best song. What started out as a serious contest, since then to me has started looking as a show where people try to wear the most outrageous, crazy outfits and perform eyebrow raising songs. You can somewhat classify it as camp now. Nevertheless, some countries do try to take it serious and some songs and singers that come out of the contest are actually pretty good. A few famous names that have launched their career at the Eurovision Song Contest are: ABBA (for Sweden in 1974), Johnny Logan (for Ireland in 1980) and Celine Dion (for Switzerland in 1988). Last year’s (2012) winner was: Loreen from Sweden with a song that did incredibly well in the pop charts: Euphoria.

Tonight 26 participating European countries, that have been selected through the semi finals earlier this week, will compete to win. One of those countries will be The Netherlands, who have made it to the final show successfully after 9 consecutive years of failing to reach the finals. Representing The Netherlands tonight are: Anouk Teeuwe (a fellow resident of The Hague) and her backing vocals: Shirma Rouse, Ricardo Burgrust & Yerry Rellum, who will perform a song Anouk wrote herself, called “Birds”.

The Netherlands and in particular The Hague is excited. A big banner that reads “The Hague is proud of Anouk” has been put up at the city center of The Hague, to show their support.

The Hague is proud of Anouk
A big banner that has been put up in the city center of The Hague for Anouk

Time will reveal if Anouk, single mommy of 4, will win tonight’s Eurovision Song Contest. Whether she wins or not, she’s certainly made her mark, by going into this adventure on her terms, with her own song and by causing a bit of a stur by waving the Surinam flag at the moment she learned she had made it to the finals of the Eurovison Song Contest. (My guess is that she did this because 3 of her 4 children have Surinam blood as well due to their dad Remon Stotijn, with whom Anouk was married for 9 years.) Anouk has always had a mind of her own and she’s certainly not afraid to show it.

Anouk waving the Surinam flag at the semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest
Anouk waving the Surinam flag at the semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest

You can follow Anouk on:
Twitter: @anouk (hashtags: #Eurovision #Malmö #ESF #anouk)

To download the official Eurovision Song Contest app, click HERE for the link to iTunes and HERE for the link to the Android app.

I’ll be watching the Eurovision Song Contest tonight with my family and I’ll be rooting for her. The Netherlands have only won 4 times up until now (1957, 1959, 1969 and 1975), so it’s about time to win again, don’t ya think?