Here’s an ‘old’ meme for you to enjoy, dating back to 2010. A shout out goes to DJ Spitfire for sharing this video with me! Kaboom . . ! 🙂

As it seems, most of the memes that end up being autotuned, start with a not so nice story. As is also the case with the story of Antoine Dodson from Huntsville, Alabama. Antoine was interviewed by local TV station WAFF48 after the attempted rape of his sister Kelly Dodson by an intruder. Instead of me writing down what happened, please watch the video below for the original interview and it will all make sense to you.

This interview immediately catapulted Antoine Dodson into the center of attention and into the autotuning hands of the Gregory Brothers, who remixed his words to music and named it the “Bed Intruder Song” (see below).

Catchy tune, huh? (You will be singing it for days, trust me). 🙂 Antoine was invited to perform at the BET awards in 2010 (video here), he had interviews with people like George Lopez (video here), Katie Couric (video here) and many others. The song is available as a download on iTunes and the proceeds of the song have so far made it possible for Antoine and his family to move out of the projects.

Antoine, an openly gay man, confused many people and caused a big controversy, when he renounced being homosexual on his Facebook page (video here) on May 3rd of 2013, because of religious reasons (Black Hebrew Israelite). See a screenshot of his statement below.

Antoine Dodson's Facebook statement
Antoine Dodson’s Facebook statement

What do I think of this? I think it’s really nobody’s business what his sexual preference is. Sure, anybody can have their own opinion about it, but you can also choose to keep that to yourself and refrain from being mean and insulting on the internet, right? First he entertained everybody with his flamboyant interview and now so many turned against him because he made a decision in his personal life? Everybody should spend some more time concentrating on their own life and ‘keeping their own backyard clean‘ in my opinion.

If you want to read more about Antoine you can click on the link to his website:


Antoine Dodson inspired Wireless Network Name
Antoine Dodson inspired Wireless Network Name