Yesterday when I noticed there was an update available for the Instagram app on my iPhone, I decided to check out the information about the update. To my pleasant surprise, I learned that Instagram now added the option to share 15 seconds of video with your Instagram followers.

Instagram update
Instagram update

So this means Keek and Vine now have some major competition from one of the most popular social media apps around currently. Instagram is an immensely popular and widely used app (with over 100 million active users), and to my opinion, adding this new feature was a really smart choice. It honestly has been only 1 or 2 days ago that I was thinking what a shame it was that you couldn’t share videos on Instagram. Apparently they heard my silent request. 🙂 There’s more information about the latest update on the Instagram blog.

Although I have both Keek and Vine on my iPhone, I have not really been using them to post videos. Now that Instagram has added this new feature, I must say that it makes it a lot easier and tempting to start uploading short videos. Will you start using it too?

If you do not have Instagram on your mobile device yet, you can download it in the Apple app store via THIS link, or in Google Play (Android) via THIS link. And if you would like to follow me on Instagram, you can find my profile here: Please share your instagram profile with me in the comments, so I can check out your pics and videos too.