Every since I’ve owned an iPhone, I’ve been a huge fan of apps. All sorts of apps. Games apps, Social Networking apps, News apps. In general: apps that make your life a whole lot more fun, easier and efficient!

Now that I’ve revealed this little piece of information, it will probably not come as a big surprise when I tell you I have a lot of apps on my iPhone. And I mean a LOT. I personally don’t think it’s too excessive, but the average person who gets a sneak peek at my phone and my collection of apps, usually ends up saying: “Wow! You have so many apps on your phone!” Followed by me smiling almost apologetically and saying: “It’s not that bad, is it?”

For many tasks I have to perform during a day, I can rely on an app, and I LOVE it! And even though I already have a ‘modest’ collection of apps on my phone, I’m always on the lookout for new or interesting apps. This is why I’m usually the one to say: “Hey, did you know, there’s an app for that?“.

iPhone apps
iPhone apps

Not too long ago I downloaded an app called Bump. It’s an app that enables you to easily share files between phones by ‘bumping’ them into each other. For all you non iOS users out there; this app is not just an iOS app! It’s also available for phones running on Android. The download link to the iOS version is HERE and the link to the Android version is right HERE.

Now of course I am aware that some phones and operating systems already have a similar sort of file sharing option, but obviously iOS did not yet have it (and if it did, then I was completely clueless about it). So I was pretty darn excited to learn more about this app and putting it to the test.

I persuaded my colleague Brenda to download the app on her Android phone, as I downloaded the iOS version to my iPhone, and we both quickly figured out how to use it. After you first fill in some details to create a ‘profile’, you simply select the files you want to share and then you hold your phone in your hand and bump your hand (like you are doing a fist bump greeting) against the other person’s hand. Both phones will be asked to confirm the connection and the files are shared quickly after. It’s almost like magic! Watch the video below for some visuals of how Bump works.

And here comes an even more exciting part. Not only can you share files between users and mobile devices and even chat to each other, you can also share files with your laptop in the same way! Instead of downloading an app to your laptop, you simply surf to the url:  http://bu.mp and follow the simple instructions on the website. This makes it so easy to transfer a bunch of pictures to your laptop all at once. They are stored on url on your laptop and you can download or delete them with much ease. I tried it myself this morning, when I wanted to transfer some pictures I took last night to my laptop and ta-dah! It worked like a charm!

Now isn’t that just super cool? I’m so happy I found this app! I wonder if any of you have downloaded Bump to your smart phone? And if so; don’t you just love it?