Nineteen year old UK singer Jake Bugg was completely unknown to me, until I heard him perform on the Graham Norton show recently. When I looked him up on the internet, I discovered he’s been singing since the age of seventeen and he’s already performed at the Glastonbury festival twice; once in 2011 and once in 2013. Not bad for someone his age!

Jake sounds very talented and I believe he will go far, so keep an eye out for this guy. His voice is one you will definitely remember once  you’ve heard it, because it’s very recognizable and it has a maturity you don’t hear often in the voice of a nineteen year old. His live performance of the ballad “broken” from his self titled CD (video below) is simply beautiful. It’s too beautiful not to re-share with you.

I was listening to this song, while typing away on my laptop on a warm summer evening. The balcony door was wide open and I could see the sun go down, thus ending this beautiful Sunday. Jake Bugg’s song made it an even more memorable experience. I hope you had a good weekend too. Enjoy the song!

Warm greetings,