Every weekday morning, on my way to (and from) work – like clockwork – I put my headphones in my iPhone and I listen to music while I’m on my way. With music as my companion, I start my day off perfectly. It puts me in my ‘zone’ and sometimes it even helps put that extra ‘pep’ in my step.

One of the artists I currently enjoy listening to, is Miguel Jontel Pimentel (Miguel for short). Miguel has been on the music scene for a few years now, but he only recently caught the attention of a larger group of music lovers when he released his hit single ‘Adorn‘ about a year ago in 2012.

After hearing that song and his voice, I started listening to his album Kaleidoscope Dream. Although some of his songs contain explicit language (which might not be everyone’s cup of tea), his songs have me listening to him over and over again. My personal favorite songs of this album are: #1 “Adorn”, #2 “Don’t look back”“Use Me” (in which Miguel’s voice reminds me of Espen Lind a bit), #4 “Do You”, #7 “How Many Drinks”, #8 “Where’s the fun in forever” (featuring: Alicia Keys). FYI: his complete album has been written (and/or co-written) and co-produced by Miguel himself.

Besides listening to his album, I must say I’m very fond of his collaborations with established artists such as Mariah Carey in the song “Beautiful“.

And his latest collaboration with Janelle Monae, from her soon to be released album “The Electric Lady” (which can be pre-ordered through her website).

As far as I’m concerned, I’m very much looking forward to any new collabs Miguel has up his sleeve as well as any new material of his own he will be releasing in the future. Until that time, he is keeping me company almost daily, as he sings into my ears through my headphones.

Musically yours,