I remember seeing Liberace on TV when I was younger. I can’t remember much, but what I do remember, is the fact that he was an outstanding piano player, with a very big smile,  who wore over the top costumes. So when I saw the trailer of a movie that has been made about him (based on the memoirs of Scott Thorson) I knew I wanted to see that movie.

The movie (titled: Behind the candelabra), was released this year in May, and it stars: Michael Douglas (as Liberace) and Matt Damon (as Scott Thorson). It tells the story of how Liberace and Scott Thorson met and their homosexual relationship, which was kept a big secret for the public and fans.

Since it has been quite a while since I saw anything about Liberace, I decided to look up some old footage of him on YouTube, before watching the movie. I watched some of his old interviews, some of his performances and he made me smile all over again.

What I did not expect to discover, were some videos of Scott Thorson in which he speaks of the sexual affair he had with Michael Jackson after his affair with Liberace! This was complete news to me! And I must say my jaw dropped to the floor after I heard that. Apparently I missed the interview Scott gave Howard Stern recently in June! A snippet of the interview you can see on video. The full interview is in audio. There was also an interview Scott gave on the Opie & Anthony radio show which you can view in video here. Warning: the videos & audio contain very explicit language!

Scott was recently released from prison on bail on charges of burglary and identity theft. The New York Daily Post also wrote a news article about this. Scott was bailed out by Dennis Hof (owner of the Bunny Ranch brothel in Nevada) who paid $10,000 to have him released. The moment Scott got released and welcomed by Dennis Hof was captured on video. While Scott was in prison, he gave an emotional interview to Entertainment Tonight, in which they revealed that Scott is suffering from colon cancer.

Let’s take a minute to take all of this in, shall we …? 

So.. Did all of this affect the way I then after watched the movie? Perhaps it did a bit, although I think I tried my best to see the movie as it is. Is everything Scott wrote in his book true? Maybe, and maybe not. It’s one side of the story. Since the movie is based on the memoirs of Scott Thorson, it tells the story from his point of view obviously. The other side we will not be able to hear, since Liberace passed away in 1987.

I personally did enjoy the movie. And I have to say that I loved the way Michael Douglas portrayed Liberace. It was sometimes even hard to tell the difference between the two. Matt Damon & Michael Douglas were both very convincing in their roles, but to me Michael’s performance was just outstanding! So, can I recommend this movie to you? Yes, I can and I will, but with a side note: if you have any moral problems watching two men kiss and fondle each other (or more), then don’t go to see this movie, because you will set yourself up for grievances. If however, you can look past that or you don’t have any problems with that at all, then by all means go see it. The movie made me laugh at times, made me feel sad, it startled me at times, but all in all I walked away from it with a good feeling. Which to me is always good.

To end this blogpost, if you’d still like to see some more about Liberace (from a different perspective) let me leave you with a very well made BBC documentary (dated 2000) called: “Too much of a good thing is wonderful”, which was also one of Liberace’s favorite quotes (that he borrowed from Mae West).