If you’re a girl (or guy) who’ s in to make-up, you will know that you achieve the best results when you apply your make-up with good quality make-up brushes. A good brush can make all the difference for the outcome of your total look and for getting that flawless finish.

The most popular makeup brushes out there today are from brands such as: M.A.C., Sigma & Crown, to name but a few. What all these brands have in common, besides being good quality (high end) brushes, is that they are not particularly cheap.

Youtube makeup guru Samantha Chapman (who is half of the popular duo Pixiwoo), developed her own line of expert makeup brushes, called Real Techniques.

Ever since she released her line of brushes, makeup lovers around the world have been buying the Real Techniques brushes like it was going out of style! Sam’s Real Techniques brushes got rave reviews from everybody that tried it. Being a MUA (makeup artist), Sam knows exactly what makes a brush a GOOD brush and that really shows in her brush collection.

The brushes have a very unique look & feel and they are color coded, so you know exactly which brushes are for which area of your face. To top it off, some of the brushes come with a handy black case, that double as: storage for your brushes (in an upright manner on your vanity), as well as being a carrying case.

Since Sam has her own YouTube channel (Pixiwoo) with her sister Nicola, tutorials on how to use the brushes are available online, to assure you get the best use out of your brushes, along with their expert makeup tips and tricks.

The best thing about the Real Techniques brushes however is not just the amazing quality, but the super affordable price! Sam’s brushes can easily compete with M.A.C. brushes, for just a fraction of the price. Now, doesn’t that sound like music to your ears? Being a huge makeup lover (who still had to complete her collection of brushes) I knew I had found what I was looking for.

I searched online to find a store in The Netherlands to purchase the Real Techniques brushes, and I noticed very quickly that the prices here were ridiculously higher than the prices on the Real Techniques website. This was unacceptable to me, so I kept looking and I found this awesome website in the US, where the prices of the brushes were not only cheaper than the web shops in The Netherlands, but also cheaper than the Real Techniques website itself! What?!! I almost couldn’t believe it, but it was really true!! LIKE!

iHerb discount code: RFQ342
iHerb discount code: RFQ342

So with a big fat grin on my face and a huge feeling of satisfaction, I shopped for my brushes at http://www.iherb.com and they were delivered to me within 4 days via DHL! Using the discount code RFQ342 I even saved $10.- off of my purchase, which meant that I didn’t have to pay for the shipping. Even bigger LIKE!! Not only does iHerb sell makeup brushes, but they have lots of natural products, vitamins, cosmetics and more! So if you’re looking to buy, you know where to go and what code to use. (You may thank me later.) 🙂