Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Just two days before my birthday I received this amazing news that’s like a wonderful early birthday present! As the title of this post already reveals: Netflix has finally reached The Netherlands (starting today)! If you’ve never heard of Netflix before, or if you are curious to find out more about it, let me tell what it is and why I’m so delighted.

Netflix has a huge collection of movies and series  which you can view on your laptop, tablet or smartphone via their streaming service. You can sign up for a monthly subscription (for the mere price of 7.99 euros). TIP: They currently offer a 1 month trial period free of charge to try it out! Within that month, if you don’t like it, you can end the subscription. Netflix subscriptions can be canceled monthly by the way, so you will not be stuck for a year or more. You can decide whether or not you want to keep it every single month.

As long as you have your device, your login details and an internet connection, you’re in business! Meaning that you can now watch your favorite movies or series online wherever you are! (I would suggest though that you use it when you have a Wifi connection. We don’t want you to go overboard on your mobile data, now do we?)  And if you are the proud owner of a media player, Apple TV, Nintendo Wii, Xbox or Sony Playstation, you can even stream the movies/series  straight to your TV, when you’re at home!

Netflix @ home
Netflix @ home

Now of course you understand that I had to sign up for a subscription immediately, don’t you? So I had a great opportunity to test it out first hand before I started writing this post for you guys.

You sign up with your email address and a password and you will see when your free subscription ends, via a notification on the screen. Netflix will ask you how you would like to pay after the first free month, in case you wish to continue (credit card, iDeal, etc.). Please note: you will have to make sure you cancel your subscription manually if you do not want it to automatically continue.

In the beginning Netflix will also ask you to select some movies and categories you enjoy, by rating the suggestions on screen. This way, Netflix will ‘learn’ and remember your preferences, and try to suggest movies you would enjoy seeing next time.

Another great feature they have (that I love!), is that you can add more people to your account. For instance; your family members. You just enter a (user)name for each person and when one of you logs in, you can choose ‘who is watching’, so Netflix knows and can enhance the experience, by suggesting movies for each different user. Netflix offers 2 types of subscriptions: 1) the 7.99 euros one; where you can watch Netflix on two devices at the same time OR 2) the 11.99 one; where you can watch Netflix on four devices at the same time. Great for when family members want to watch it simultaneously. Whichever subscription you choose, one thing is for sure: you have unlimited streaming. So if you want to watch movies all day (and all night) long, you CAN, without any extra charge!

And after that.. you just knock yourself out watching all of your favorite movies and series! The quality of the videos is really fantastic. And some series have more seasons for you to watch and catch up on. This is so handy! Especially if you always wanted to see a certain series and you just never got around to it. No commercial breaks, no waiting until next week, just watch it on demand when it suits you! Gotta love it!

And there’s more! When you are in the middle of watching a movie and something comes up, next time you want to resume the movie, you do not have to start all over again. Netflix will keep your movies or series neatly separated and you can continue exactly from where you left off. Awesome huh?

I can highly recommend that you try it out now (for free) for the first month and see how YOU like it. Will you be just as excited about it as I am? (I think you will be.) Just check it out at: http://www.netflix.nl.

If you want to download the app for your tablet or smartphone, check out these links for the Netflix app for iO & for Android.

The End 🙂