A name that has been on a lot of lips lately is that of Miley Cyrus. While it seems as though just a few years ago she was only known for being the daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus and for the Disney tv show Hannah Montana she starred in as a teenager, the name Miley Cyrus is currently mostly associated with: sticking out her (very long) tongue whenever she gets the opportunity (which is very often), twerking on (live) award shows and wearing as little as possible in her videos and photoshoots, or even just being buck naked.

With all this sudden attention (or well thought out marketing gimmick to catapult her in to a household name and stardom) we almost forget one thing: Miley can actually SING (and not too shabby either), even though most of the attention she’s getting lately is focused more on how she behaves (on or off stage) and what she’s (not) wearing.

I can’t say I’m charmed by her ‘bare it all and shock everyone silly’ approach and I don’t really see the point of Miley being naked in her “Wrecking ball” video, but I must say that I like the song that goes with the video (see below).

Since anything that has anything even remotely to do with Miley is a hot topic currently, and you can find news about her everywhere, yesterday I happened to see an a cappella video starring Miley, singing her song; “We can’t stop” on the Jimmy Fallon show.

The video was shot in a “Brady Bunch opening of the show” kinda way (it helps to know your classics) and I am just sooo digging this song “We can’t stop” she did with The Roots & Jimmy Fallon! What is it I like about it? Well; the melody to start with, the way Miley sings the song and, the fact that to me it’s an automatic ‘makes you wanna bop your head’ song (and that is a good sign, people).

Take a look and listen for yourself and share with me what you think. It’s nice to see Miley in a video with her clothes ON for a change too, right? (Although I’m sure some might care disagree with me on that one.) 

Fully dressed,