In January of 2011 a (then) colleague of mine (Nancy) invited me to a show called “The Soul of Motown“. It was the first time I ever heard about the show and – being the music and soul lover that I am – I gladly accepted her invitation.

I was brought up listening to many different types of music and Motown music was one of those.  And although I was not quite sure what to expect of this show, I looked forward to a nice evening, listening to some good old songs.

Accompanied by two other colleagues, Nancy and I traveled to Amsterdam RAI, where we were treated to a very entertaining show. The music and songs were simply great, but what else would you expect of Motown, right? The high energy radiating from the performers on stage (who were ALL a-ma-zing singers by the way) was so exciting! They were dancing across the stage and singing their hearts out,  dressed in gorgeous suits and dresses. My colleagues and I were dancing and singing along in the audience and the evening out turned out to be a huge success!

That was my introduction to “The Soul of Motown” show and to Brandon Delagraentiss, who was one of the male vocalists on the show. In the period after the show, I got acquainted with Brandon and his many talents: he sings, acts and coaches. I’m happy to have met him, because he’s such an uplifting, humble and genuine guy.

The evening of the show, I shot some footage of the show with a compact camera I had in my purse. I shot some bits and pieces of songs that were performed that night, which I later merged into a single video to share on YouTube, to show the world what an awesome show it is (video below).

Last year, I went to see the show again and this time, it seemed to be even better than the year before! How was that even possible? I went to see it in the Dr. Anton Philipszaal in The Hague (my hometown) and once again I had a great time! This year, when I learned the show would be back again, I booked my tickets and officially made it a tradition to go see the show every year.

My friend Carry and I went to see the show yesterday (Thursday the 9th of October 2013) in the Rijswijkse Schouwburg. This time, we had front row seats. (Which can sometimes either be a good thing or a bad thing.) It turned out to be an excellent thing in the end. Not only did we sit close enough to see every single expression on the faces of all on stage, but when the 3 male vocalists (Clayton PerotiJorginho Paunussa & Brandon Delagraentiss) came down into the audience to sing a song for all the lovely ladies in the audience, my friend Carry got her few minutes of fame when she sang along to the song in Brandon’s microphone. And it didn’t stop there: she even got to do a little dance with him. 🙂 Brandon was incredibly nice (as always) and stopped to say thank you to me for supporting the show for the past few years and asked me to mention my name to the audience. And he then asked them all to say hello to me, which was very sweet of him. It felt really special.

The Soul of Motown V
The perks of having front row seats: being able to take a nice closeup picture of the cast

As the show continued, we kept on enjoying ourselves, singing along to all the songs we knew and clapping in our hands, either sitting down in our seats or standing up swaying to the music. We watched in amazement while the stunning female vocalists (Talita Angwarmasse, Cosmea Panka & Aisata Blackman), who fiercely sashayed on the stage, blew our minds with their beautiful voices and their dance moves, all the while smiling and looking gorgeous.

It was a really well put together show and all of the artists did a marvelous job! The live 5 man band on stage (Kees Douma, Stanley Medema, Geert Leurink, Yoran Vroom & Elvis Ediagbonya) of course cannot be left out, because they were really good too!  A big hand to everybody involved in making this production what it is. I know there’s always a lot of people involved into making sure it all comes together in the end. So props also to all those not in the limelight, but who do just as important work (with costumes, choreography, lighting, etc.). And last, but not least, Mister David A. Tobin for directing the show.

Tonight (Thursday, October 10th 2013) is the official opening night of the show in Amsterdam in De Meervaart. After that, the show will be traveling across The Netherlands until the 14th of December 2013. The show comes highly recommended; by me! If you want to check them out yourself, please visit the website to see when they will be playing in a city near you: One last tip: check out the free MP3 download, when you visit the Soul of Motown website!

Soulfully yours,