To my greatest pleasure, I woke up to the news that Prince (my childhood idol) released a new song yesterday! Yay! What a way to start my weekend!

The song is called: “breakfast can wait”. And even though Prince is not in a single shot in the video, it’s a very cool (and even funny) video. The video stars the  stunning and sensual 18 year old Danielle Curiel, who also dances in (and directed) the video. The video shows you a young couple in their kitchen, who decide to rather do something else than eat breakfast, because: “I know you’re late, but I need another taste: breakfast can wait.”

Danielle Curiel directing the Prince video
Danielle Curiel directing the Prince video (courtesy of Danielle’s instagram @danicurlyfryz)

Danielle appears to be Prince’s latest protégé and according to USA Today, Prince gave her artistic freedom to direct the video, after he read her proposal for it. And what a great decision that was! The video is sensual, sexy, and has some seriously HOT choreography in it!  Not to mention the eye candy that both Danielle and her love interest in the video (dancer CJ Salvador) provide for both male and female viewers.

Screenshots from the "breakfast can wait" video
Screenshots from the “breakfast can wait” video

At some part in the video, Prince’s voice changes into that of what sounds like a Chipmunk, but it doesn’t affect the song in a negative way, as far as I’m concerned. It makes the song even more fun than it already is. I remember even chuckling to myself when I heard him sing: “you can’t leave a black man in this state.” And we all know he’s not referring to the state Minnesota. 🙂 I LOVE the song and I (still) love Prince. I never really grew over that childhood crush I guess, nor do I feel the need to. 🙂

Prince will release a new album, which will possibly hit the stores in January of 2014. Until that time, ENJOY this song (and any other new songs he might release before that time). The song is available on iTunes via this link. Funny detail: the cover of the single in the iTunes store shows the image of Dave Chappelle (dressed as Prince during the Purple Rain era), who did a funny skit with Charlie Murphy (Eddy Murphy’s brother) about Prince many years ago.

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