I’ve been giving some thought on taking Spanish lessons. It’s a language that sounds so appealing to me. And I’ve been saying this for years, but I’ve never taken the step to actually taking lessons.

Since I work in an international environment, and my colleagues come from all over the world, we speak English in the office. But lately the number of Spanish speakers has increased, which means I get to hear that language (that I love listening to) around me a lot. It would be so good to be able to understand and respond in the same language too, right?

Until I drag myself to a Spanish course, I’ll just do with today’s Monday Punday, because I’m simply in love with word play and puns. The drawing is by this cool artist called Gemma Correll. Check out her website: www.gemmacorrell.com for more fun stuff.

Monday Punday
How’s that for my first Spanish lesson?

Adiós amigos!