Let’s start this blog by owning up to the fact that I have way too many apps on my iPhone. More than I could possibly ever use. This I have mentioned before in a previous post, and yet, I keep adding new and exciting apps to my collection. It’s safe to say I’m an app hoarder, or as I care to phrase it: an app enthusiast.

Although some apps go unused after playing around with it briefly post downloading, others get used on a more frequent basis. So now that I’ve gotten all that out of the way, let me tell you about one of the more frequently used apps in my collection: the Line Camera app.

Besides loving apps, I also enjoy iPhoneography and editing the pics I take with my phone. The Line Camera app is a very nice little photo tool that enables you to add that little bit of extra to your pics. So you can make them stand out from all the other pics out there on the interweb, by adding cute, funny and cool ‘stickers’, frames and text to your pics. Like for instance the example I created for you below.

created with the Line Camera App
created with the Line Camera App

The Line Camera app is available as a FREE download and comes with basic sticker sets to get you started. As you use it more often, or as your need to add more stickers increases (or whatever happens first), you may wish to purchase some extra sticker sets, to be able to give your creations some more pizzazz.

The app can be used to take pictures with, or to edit pictures you’ve taken earlier. Besides adding stickers, you can use the filters, add your own text and after you’re finished, you can share it via your social networks. Sounds pretty awesome, right? I KNOW!

So where can you get this cool little app? If you’re an iOS user, click this download link to get it from iTunes. And if you’re on team Android, your download link to this baby can be found right here.

Now it’s up to YOU to design your own unique creations. Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+ or Facebook to show me your masterpieces!

(Confession: as I’m writing this blog, I have already downloaded at least 5 more apps.) 

Pick up line! 😉