Lady Gaga was the musical guest and host of last night’s Saturday Night Live show on NBC. According to Gaga’s Twitter, it was her lifelong dream to have this opportunity. And yesterday her dream turned into reality!

Lady Gaga's Tweet about SNL
Lady Gaga’s Tweet about SNL

Watch this video of all the funny promo clips Lady Gaga recorded with Kenan Thompson for her SNL episode. A link to the full Gaga on SNL episode you will find by clicking right here. (If you are living outside of the US, unfortunately this link will not work, due to country restrictions. Unless of course, you’re a computer wizard with awesome proxy server skills.)

Besides hosting SNL and taking part in some funny sketches during the show, Lady Gaga also performed a few songs from her album Artpop. One of them was the song “Gypsy” and the other one, a duet with R&B legend R. Kelly, called “Do What You Want”. And as you can see in the picture below, that’s exactly what they did on stage.

Lady Gaga & R. Kelly Do What You Want @ SNL 2013
Lady Gaga & R. Kelly performing “Do What You Want” live @ SNL

I’ll leave you with the video of their performance. Although Lady Gaga & R. Kelly aren’t two artists you would think of pairing up with each other, the song is actually pretty good. It definitely works for me!

Doing what I want,