A few weeks ago, a colleague of mine suggested we go take a look at this new place she discovered on one of her walks during the lunch break. We went to check it out with a small group and I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. The place turned out to be a modern salad bar (currently I believe one of its kind in The Hague city center), and it goes by the name of: Green Bowl, located at the Fluwelenburgwal 14 in The Hague.

Green Bowl Salad Bar
Green Bowl Salad Bar

After that first time, I personally have been back many times (as many of my friends following me on Instagram or FourSquare can vouch for). I took some friends with me to check it out too, because I really like their concept, the quality, the freshness of the food and, most of all: the good service they offer. (If you did not know this about me yet, bad service is one of my biggest pet peeves.)

I have been raving on about Green Bowl to my friends, colleagues and anyone that wants to listen to me rave (might I add: with much success, since they are all excited about Green Bowl now too!), and I decided to dedicate a blog post on Green Bowl, to share my experiences and recommendations with others too.

Green Bowl Salads
Green Bowl Salads

Let me list  a few of the things that make me enthusiastic about this brilliant salad bar.

  1. Daily fresh, healthy, low calorie, nutritious & unprocessed food only
  2. A large variety of culinary salads and a mix & match (your own) salad option
  3. Gluten free, lactose free and nut free options
  4. Also available: soups, naan bread and yummy gourmet wraps
  5. Freshly squeezed (or bottled organic Schulp, Dr. Martins & Froojiez) healthy juices
  6. Fits perfectly in a healthy lifestyle
  7. Affordable food (and you can pay cash or by debit card)
  8. Modern and cute interior
  9. Open until 9pm daily (6 days a week, closed on Sunday)
  10. Excellent service by genuinely NICE people!

For me to be enthusiastic about a salad bar is actually a really big thing, because I’m not the type that really loves salads. That is.. until now! I have decided to be more mindful about what I eat and the salads at Green Bowl make it really easy for me to stick by that decision. When I’m there I usually get the ‘mix and match salad’, which is basically a salad you can (as the name says) mix and match to your liking or one of the delicious gourmet wraps!

Green Bowl Gourmet Wraps
Green Bowl Gourmet Wraps

There are two sizes to pick from when you order the mix and match salad; the normal and large size. After you have chosen the size you want, you can select all of the ingredients you want in your salad from the large selection (36 options) of fresh vegetables, fruit, pasta, beans, etc. (and trust me when I say that it’s a lot you can select from!). If you want them to heat up the pasta or something else, simply ask them.  And If you feel like adding some chicken, steak, grilled shrimps, sunny side up egg, etc. (premium toppings) on your salad, you only pay 1 to 3,5 euros extra, (depending on your choice of topping). If that isn’t enough, there is another section with extra ingredients such as: walnuts, spelt croutons, cranberries, goji berries, chia seeds, etc to choose from too. All is topped off by selecting one of the about 8 yummy salad dressings.

Green Bowl owners: Soontat Yeung & Liting Leow
Green Bowl owners: Soontat Yeung & Liting Leow

The young owners: Liting Leow and Soontat Yeung, are two really friendly people. The way they treat their customers, (always with a friendly smile), makes you feel right at home. They take their time to help you, and when time allows it, they are always in for a friendly chat. The idea for Green Bowl was born out of a necessity, Soontat told me, because when he worked at an office as a banker, he found that it was hard to find a place that served a good and healthy meal that was also affordable. Green Bowl opened shop in February of 2014, and they are still full of ambitious ideas on how to expand their menu with new and exciting meals. Like for instance; they are thinking of possibly adding a sushi and tabouleh salad to the menu! Other future plans, besides expanding the menu, are a delivery service, working with coupon app service: Scoupy and order and payment app: MyOrder.

TIP: Since Green Bowl is located in the city center of The Hague, and they are surrounded by lots of offices, the busiest times are the times around the lunch break (11:30am to 2pm) and in the afternoon (from 5pm to 7pm). Green Bowl is open from 11:30am to 9pm, so that still leaves enough time, for non-office goers, to benefit from those less busy times to walk in to have a quiet lunch or dinner.

Besides connecting with Green Bowl by visiting them in person and having a great meal, you can also connect with them via their website or on social media:
Website: greenbowl.nl
Facebook: facebook.com/greenbowlnl
Twitter: twitter.com/GreenBowlnl
Instagram: instagram.com/greenbowlnl

Try it out yourself and tell them Fauzia sent you. 🙂
Happy healthy eating!