Do you know how sometimes, when  you’re into something, or something is going on in  your life, your focus on it makes you recognize it around you a lot more than you would before? Like in my case for instance, I’ve been reading and watching documentaries on healthy food habits for a while now and it’s like I’m noticing a certain healthy food ‘trend’ around me. Is it because I’m more focused on it now, and because I am more aware of what’s good for you and what isn’t? Or is there really a wave of more consciousness on food going on?

Either way, I like it. And I’m happy this makes it easier for people (including myself) to make better choices. Educating yourself is key to making positive changes in your life. And I would like to share what I’ve seen with all of you. As you may (or may not know), I’ve written a few blogposts about healthier food (documentaries) and about what you really should know about food before (Let food by thy medicine, What are you allowed to know about food). And recently, while I was watching another food related video on YouTube, I came across the 2007 BBC series called “The truth about food“. Perhaps you’ve seen it before, since it’s about 7 years old now, but to me it was new and very interesting.

You can expect more posts about food from me in the future, as I am still very interested in learning more and incorporating it better into my own life. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my many posts about Greenbowl, the salad bar I frequent, because they can provide me with a healthy alternative for the otherwise not so healthy lunches I would often choose. I’m very enthusiastic about them and I became that even more, after watching the BBC documentary I have embedded from YouTube below. I’ve realized that everything they sell is so good for you, so I’m a fan for life!

Making choices between what's good for you and what's not
Making choices between what’s good for you and what’s not (image credit:

Making better choices when it comes to food is a journey. It isn’t always easy, because (as someone smart once told me) “food is an addiction”. When I heard that the first time, I was like “Yeah right! You need food to stay alive! How can it be an addiction?” And now, many years later and many more educational articles, videos and insights later, I can only agree with him and know he was way ahead of me. I’m very happy to finally be catching up. Choosing to eat a burger, or choosing to eat a salad is your own choice, as are the consequences. If you feel like ‘treating’ yourself or eating something less healthy for a change, that’s okay, as long as you balance it out by having more healthy options to nourish your body.

I’m super excited even more that my daughter Deniece has recently started her own #WTVHealthClub on her website She has posted some really yummy recipes for smoothies on her Instagram account. Be sure to follow that on Instagram and Facebook!

Now, I would suggest you bookmark this page if you are interested in seeing the entire documentary, because it’s a series of 6 episodes and each episode is about an hour long. Since you probably will not have the time to watch it all at once, you can simply bookmark this page and come back to it another time, to see the rest in the series.  I hope you are just as intrigued and feel just as enlightened as I did after watching it.

Healthy regards!