Georgia resident Richard Dunn was stranded at the Las Vegas McCarren airport a few days ago, when he got bumped from not one, but two flights on his way back home. He literally found himself to be all alone, without anyone else around. And what did he and his creative mind come up with? Rather than sleep or read a book, party in Las Vegas, or anything else you could think of, he decided to record an entertaining video of himself lip-syncing to Celine Dion‘s cover of the song ‘All by myself‘ (originally sung by Eric Carmen in 1975). Richard thought it would be fun to make a video so his wife and friends (and anyone else watching) would have a good laugh.

The video was posted last Sunday (June 8th, 2014) and it already received over 11 million views (and counting)! Richard probably didn’t it expect it to get this much attention though! He has been invited to several news shows to tell the story of how this video came about.Richard Dunn - All by myself video stats

It’s especially creative when you think of the fact that Richard recorded this video without anyone’s help (how could he, since there was no-one else around). He used a ruler, some tape and an airport wheelchair to support him in making this video. If you want to find out how he did it and see his interview, click on this link for his interview with HLNTV.

Since his video got so many views, it was only a matter of time before Celine Dion herself saw the video. She then decided to post a video message to Richard, which you will find below.

All by myself,