It’s about 7am in the morning and I’m listening to some music (as I do every morning) to get myself going, and the second song I’m listening to today is this new release; an upbeat gospel song by Michelle Williams (former Destiny’s Child member), called ‘Say Yes’.

Now, did I know it was going to be a gospel song before I listened to it? Nope. Does it make any difference to me that is is a gospel song? Yes and no. No, because music is music and lyrics (however important) are lyrics.  Yes, because I actually really enjoy songs with a message and I enjoy listening to gospel songs. So the fact that this is a gospel song, gives it that little bit of extra for me.

It’s not your ‘typical’ type of gospel song (if there is such a thing) at least, not if gospel to you means slow and undanceable (is that even a word?) music. The song has this African vibe and rhythm which makes it really catchy and encourages you to dance along to it.

I especially enjoy it when a (gospel) song inspires me to sing along. And that’s exactly what this song does. The lyrics are not that hard to remember and I feel some sort of empowerment when I sing along too. It’s a form of hope and positive energy (or mantra if you will) that flows from the words as they leave your lips. Second of all it has me doing some serious head bopping to the beat and some dancing-while-I’m-typing-moves, which (to me) is a guarantee that this is a hit, if I’m doing it while listening to it for the first time!

So, as I’m watching the video on YouTube, already singing along to it after a few bars, I am suddenly pleasantly surprised to see Beyonce and Kelly Rowland (not only making an appearance in the video, but) singing in the video too. And I’m not talking about backing vocals kinda singing, but they’re actually singing in turns as if I am watching a Destiny’s Child video. So, now I’m a bit confused, and I re-read the title of the video, and yep it clearly states ‘Michelle Williams featuring Beyonce and Kelly Rowland – Say Yes’. Okay, so I probably missed that last part. (Hey, it’s still early, I can still get away with that as an excuse, right?)

Michelle Williams - Say Yes ft. Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland - Say Yes
Michelle Williams – Say Yes ft. Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland – Say Yes

My verdict: I LOVE the song, and I really like the video (and watching the girls do their thing together again) a LOT. By now I have already listened to the song about 10 times (I’m not kidding), while I’m typing this blog post. So what does this mean? It means that, as soon as I finish writing this, I’m going to download the song to my iPhone via iTunes and listen to it some more. Would I recommend you to do the same? If you enjoyed Destiny’s Child songs and you love gospel music: I would..  SAY YES! (I couldn’t resist!) 🙂

Michelle is releasing the album ‘Journey to Freedom’ (which this song is included on) on September 9th this year. My favorite number is 9 and I was born in September (the 9th month of the year), so that makes me like this even more. Now, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out which song I’m going to be listening to as I continue to get ready for work this morning, or does it? 🙂

I said YES!