If you follow me on Instagram, or if you are friends with me on Facebook, you will have seen that I attended a lovely high tea last Sunday with some other single mommies at the magnificent Kurhaus in The Hague.

The occasion for this gathering, was the launch of the ‘The Hague branch’ of the Single Supermom foundation, which was founded in 2008 (in Amsterdam) by Ms Eva Yoo Ri, (a single supermom herself) who also published a book called Single Supermom.

This awesome foundation currently operates in four cities in The Netherlands: Capelle aan den IJssel, Amsterdam, Almere and the youngest addition to the ‘family’: The Hague. The three main objectives of the Single Supermom foundation (as listed on their website) are:

  • enhancing the financial, emotional and economical position and the self-assurance of single moms, which helps improve the well-being of their children,
  •  informing and stimulating single moms to start doing (or to reinforce them to do) volunteer work, a study, a job, or becoming an entrepreneur. This increases the opportunities for both the moms and their children,
  • interconnecting single mothers with the goal to create their own safety net, or simply to find a buddy, by providing a (local and national) network, both physically and online.

I came across this foundation on Facebook several months ago. I expressed my interest to help out, since they were looking for volunteers, and their ‘vision & mission’ really spoke to me! So this past weekend two small groups of single mommies met with each other on Saturday and Sunday in The Hague. Me and a friend (who is also a Single Supermom) went to this meetup together. The location selected for this high tea (a fancy sun room with a view of the sea and the beach of Scheveningen) was simply beautiful.

SSM 03042016
All the Single Supermoms that attended the high tea at the Kurhaus last Sunday!
After a short introduction, we talked about the challenges we face(d) being single moms, and how we could help each other by expanding our network through connecting with a larger group of super mommies! During this informal get-together, the plans for the branch in The Hague were discussed with us, and we also learned about a fun event called: ‘Let’s Celebrate You, Single Mom!’ which will be hosted on the 19th of June in the Zeeheldentheater in The Hague. It’s a free event, and single mommies that want to attend, can sign up via the Facebook event or by writing an email to: info@singlesupermom.nl.


The flyer for ‘Let’s Celebrate You, Single Supermom’ The Hague on June 19th, 2016

Apart from this event, the Single Supermom foundation organizes a lot of interesting workshops in different locations in The Netherlands. Please check out their online agenda for information if you want to find out more. I hope to meet a lot more inspirational Single Supermoms at the upcoming events!

I’m really excited that this foundation exists, and I wish something like this would have been around when I was younger, because I can tell you from personal experience that raising children all by yourself certainly is not easy. It really helps if you have a network of people encouraging you and advising you, and it’s particularly helpful if they share the same perspective and know what it’s like to have to deal with things on your own.

I hope that I can contribute in my own way by helping out other single moms based on my own experiences as a single mom of three. My first contribution will be by informing everyone that reads my blog, Facebook, and by the pictures I’ve posted on Instagram recently. If you want to share this on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, please use the hashtag: #SingleSuperMom, and help me spread the word to other Single Supermoms out there too!

Stay awesome!
Fauzia ❤