If you look up F4ZU on the internet, chances are that most of what you find is related to yours truly. F4ZU has been my username for about 10 years now, and to this day I still get questions about it. Either people have difficulty remembering it, they wonder what it means, or they don’t know how to pronounce it (because yes, there IS a way to pronounce it, but I will get to that in a minute). I’ve decided to write down the story behind the name for all those who have asked me about it in the past, and for those who might ask me about it in the future. 🙂

A long time ago (back in the olden days), before Whatsapp took over how we text and instant message each other, people used to communicate with friends on their computers using MSN Messenger. I too messaged my friends online this way, and so one day, a friend of mine and I were chatting on Messenger.

(It’s common knowledge that when people chat, they use acronyms to message faster. And normally when people want to abbreviate my name, they say or type Fauz or Faus.) So this friend I was chatting to, wanted to save some time and type Fauz, but in his haste, he made a typo and typed Fazu instead. I then jokingly responded by deliberately misspelling his name all the time, and we kept on misspelling each other’s name from that moment on (to this day) as an inside joke. I guess the secret is out now, Yaj!  🙂

Fast forward… When I was looking for a nickname to use when I started my YouTube channel in 2007, I wasn’t feeling very inspired to come up with a username, so I remembered the mistyped name FAZU and decided to use that. At the time I registered my channel though, this name was unavailable, so I came up with an alternative spelling, using the Cyther alphabet, in which the A is replaced by the 4. I’ve also used this alphabet in the past for another alias of mine: F4UZ!4 (some of my older social media posts or videos might still have that name on it), but I decided to stick with the one I liked best: F4ZU!

And that people, basically is the entire story! Short and sweet. I have my friend’s clumsy fingers to thank for my username, and I liked it so much, (because it was short, easy, and it had a silly origin) that I’ve used it ever since!

Now about the pronunciation. Since there is barely ever an occasion where people would have to say my username out loud, this topic almost never comes up, but the correct way to pronounce it is: “Fahzoo”.  The oddest way someone ever tried to say it was: F for you..  When that happened a very polite smile appeared on my face, but in my mind..


Toodeloo from F4ZU!