The day before yesterday, my friend Jeany tipped me about this contest at radio station (Den Haag FM), where you could win free tickets to the’Bollywood Boulevard Festival‘ in The Hague. Since I grew up watching Bollywood movies with my family as a kid, and it’s been a while since I had the time to see one recently, I entered the contest by writing them why I wanted to win free tickets. And guess what?! Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (something happens)!

Yesterday at 9:41am CET yours truly (who was at work at the time) received a call which happened to be broadcasted live on Den Haag FM radio at the same time! I quickly had to run into a meeting room (I am not kidding you, I actually ran), to take this call in private. (Which resulted in some strange looks from my colleagues, who all of a sudden saw me sprinting away like someone was chasing me. :-))

During the broadcast, the conversation somehow also steered towards my social media user name F4ZU, and I promised that I would post about the festival on Twitter, FB and Instagram, which (if you have been following me on social media) basically is a given! 🙂

I am adding this link for you, which will take you to a recording of the morning radio show I appeared on. To hear me speak (in Dutch) please skip to 41:46. It’s so funny to hear myself talk on the radio, and even funnier that at certain moments, I felt like it was my daughter’s voice I was listening too, because I guess we kinda sound alike at times. 🙂

This means that my plans for the weekend have been made, people (thanks to the folks at Bollywood Boulevard Festival 2016 and Den Haag FM)! Bollywood Bolly will be! 🙂

If you’re into Bollywood movies, and if you want to check out the schedule for this weekend at Theater aan het Spui in The Hague, take a look at: and who knows, I might run into you there. 🙂

Bolly Bye!