With all the different social apps out there, you’re probably not very eager to add yet another app to your smartphone. You might feel a bit overwhelmed trying to keep up with all of them, or you do not see what another app would add to your social media experience.

Well, I’m about to tell you about this relatively new app called: KnowMe™ (released on January 21st, 2016). If you’re the social and creative type, you might just want to add this one to your phone really quick!

The app was developed by Award-winning filmmaker Andrew Jarecki who wanted to help people bring their stories to life by editing together pictures, videos and music, they already have on their phone.

One of the faces of KnowMe™ is the very likeable Nev Schulman (whom you might know from the movie and TV series: catfish). In the video below, Nev shows you exactly how user friendly and cool this app really is.

I was really excited about this app, when I discovered it online, and I immediately downloaded it. I read that over 100.000 people signed on to the app within the first few weeks after it was released, but somehow, I haven’t heard a lot of buzz about it online yet. This really surprises me, because I see so much potential in this app, and it’s so much fun! It allows you to be the director of your own mini movies, and you can make them as creative as you like. It’s your very own storytelling app! You can follow friends, other people who make cool KnowMes (and there are a lot of them already on the app for you to discover), and you can like and comment on the videos you watch. There is also an option to share your creations on the social networks you are already signed up on, like Facebook & Twitter.

It wasn’t until yesterday that I created my very own KnowMe™ videos. It’s always a bit weird to hear my own voice when it’s recorded, but I went ahead and gave it a shot anyway. Here are the links to my first two mini movies, which I made about my experience at The Next Web Europe Conference 2016. The link to my first KnowMe™ is here, and the link to my second KnowMe™ is right here. Not bad for a first try, even if I say so myself. 🙂 I’m sure I will get much better at the narrating part of it after I get some more practise.

It’s really very easy to make your own KnowMe™. The app also comes with a very handy interactive tutorial where Nev shows you the ropes the very first time you try to create a video. I must say that I’m really very fond of the concept of this app, and the user friendly interface. As far as I know, there is not a time limit to the length of your KnowMe™, but it makes a lot of sense to keep it short and sweet.

Not convinced yet? Check out this video from Fox5NY where journalist Alison Morris meets the developer of the app and shows us exactly how easy and fun it really is.

I’ll leave you with the lovely mission statement from KnowMe™, and I’ll let you decide if you want to jump on board or not. The app currently is only available on iOS and you can download it on iTunes right here.

“We believe the more you know someone, the more you love them.”

Now why don’t you just get to KnowMe?