Imagine being locked up in a room, with no other means to get out, except by trying to solve riddles and puzzles to unlock the door from the inside. And now imagine doing so voluntarily!

This is exactly what my colleagues and I experienced today, when – as part of our team building – we signed up to puzzle our way out of an Escape Room at Amaze Escape Events in The Hague.

Only one of us had done something like this before and all the others didn’t really know what to expect. My sons have been to escape rooms before and they really seemed to like it, so I knew it couldn’t be too bad, but would it be something I would like too? I was about to find out for myself.

Our group split up into two teams (black & white) and we competed against each other in two different rooms. Each team was locked up for 60 minutes at the same time. There was no crawling around, or lifting things, or anything physical like that; the only thing we really needed was the full use of our brain and working together as a team to solve the riddles.

The minute we entered the room, the digital clock inside the room started counting down. We were in a room with lots of different shapes, lights and colors. At first we had no clue where to start, and we were anxiously looking around and touching things to see if anything happened. At a certain point we found the first clues and we proceeded from there. It was very challenging and we really needed each other to get from one clue to the next one. Every team member contributed with their suggestions and help, and as time passed by, we got more and more competitive, because we wanted to beat the other (white) team.

All the time during those 60 minutes, we were being monitored with hidden cameras from the control room at Amaze and there was a big red button inside the room that was only to be used in cases of emergencies. (Which was very reassuring to know, because you never know what might happen.)

With nearly 3 minutes left on the clock, we (the black team) managed to complete all the tasks, solve all the riddles and get our hands on the winner’s trophy! Yay! We were dancing around and making cheering sounds as we watched the door unlock from the outside. Victory was ours! 🙂 Here’s a collage of the pics we took after we all got out of the rooms.

Amaze Escape Events
When we were still inside the escape room, time seemed to be ticking away so very fast! We were are racking our brains to make sense of what appeared to be complicated stuff, and to find the clues that were hidden all over the room, but could not be seen until you followed certain steps.

It was a lot better than I expected, and so very exciting! It kind of felt like we were these detectives and/or adventurers, trying to solve a mystery. Our very own Agatha Christie and Indiana Jones all rolled up into one team.

There are different Escape rooms all over the Netherlands (and in different parts of the world), and each of them will have a different theme and story, so there is still plenty of riddle solving to be done, because I already know that I want to do this again. 🙂 Perhaps with my family or friends, for a special occasion or just for fun.

If you want to try this too, make sure you are okay with being in a locked room before you sign up for something like this, because – although the room really wasn’t that small – some people perhaps aren’t really that fond of ‘confined’ spaces.

I think it’s a really fun and cool thing to do, and it’s a great way to make people come together, and work as a team, since everyone has something to contribute to get the job done.

I’m outta there!