During the weekend of the 4th and 5th of June 2016, I helped my friend Mavis (owner of Vanilla Bourbon cakes) with her stand at the MjamTaart cake fair in Rijswijk. Mavis hosted mini workshops next to our stand, while I tried to interest people in signing up for those workshops. I enjoyed experiencing a cake fair for the first time, and we had a lot of fun working together.

Since the fair attracted a good number of visitors, there was hardly any time for us to walk around and see anything other than our own stand. On the second day luckily we managed to take turns helping out at the stand and find some time to pop over to see the other stand owners, the cake competition and the demos that were taking place at the fair. It was eye candy galore! The most fantastic creations were displayed, and there were plenty of awesome gadgets and tools for the baking connaisseurs to purchase.

One of the stands at the fair, was a very beautiful and lavish looking one by Poptasi 8]x (based in Amsterdam). The name Poptasi is an anagram of pop-art [Pop] and fantasy [tasi]. A few nice girls at the Poptasi stand introduced us to one of their original creations: a Maduche (half macaron and half chocolate truffle with a ganache filling). We received a free sample, and after just one bite we were completely sold! I absolutely adore well made macarons, plus I have a major sweet tooth, so there was an awesome party happening inside my mouth at the time! We ended up buying some Maduches to take home as a treat to ourselves after working very hard during the weekend.

I entered the Poptasi competition at the fair by posing for a pic (with my friend Mavis) in the Poptasi stand and by tagging the picture on their Facebook page. Believe it or not, but my picture got selected and I won a free box of 12 wonderful Maduches (value 24 euros)! Yay!! 8]x

Schermafbeelding 2016-07-16 om 13.56.37.png

Despite the fact that I could have the box of Maduches delivered to my home by post, I really wanted to take a look at the shop (and thank the owners for my prize in person). Also it was an excellent excuse to buy some macarons while I was there. 8]x It’s not easy finding a place that sells macarons of good quality, and I was absolutely certain that I could find them at Poptasi.

Today I finally had the time to go to Amsterdam and I took my awesome son Ben with me. I was welcomed (and recognized) by one of the owners: Patrick, who is a super friendly and spontaneous guy! 8]x His partner and co-owner Sascha was not there at the time, but I asked Patrick to send her my warm regards and to pass on my gratitude.

Schermafbeelding 2016-07-16 om 14.59.59

We did the official ‘handing over of my prize moment’ and caught it on camera, to save this moment as a souvenir in my picture collection on Instagram8]x 

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The Poptasi shop is a very cute little shop in the Gerard Dou street in the heart of Amsterdam within walking distance of the Albert Cuyp market. The brand in itself is super cute, with their little main character with lopsided eyes, wearing a tiny chef’s hat. You will see it everywhere and it’s so easy to fall in love with it.

There was an array of different macarons with many unique and exciting flavors. Just to name but a few: salty caramel, black sesame passion, lychee, mango twist, Baileys, tonkabean vanilla, coconut, and so on, and so on! Obviously I could not resist leaving the shop without getting something besides my prize, so I selected some macarons and filled up a nice box to take home with me!

Schermafbeelding 2016-07-16 om 15.00.43.png

If you love pastry and macarons in particular, you really need to stop by Poptasi in Amsterdam to give in to your sugar cravings. It’s a treat yourself and little piece of heaven moment you experience, when you sink your teeth into a sweet and tasty macaron, and close your eyes to savor every bit of the taste explosion in your mouth. If a trip to Amsterdam is not something that fits into your schedule, then you will be happy to know that Poptasi also delivers orders via the regular Dutch post service. You can select and order your sweet treats from the comfort of your own home on their website and have them delivered to you within a few days. It makes a lovely gift for someone you hold dear too, I must say. More information is on their website: www.poptasi.com

I think Poptasi is Poptastic! And they will certainly see me (or hear from me) again! 8]x 

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Sharing the love, while in a poptastic mood! 8]x